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Custovic Sdn. Bhd has been appointed as an agent by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Malaysia in conjunction with 6P program. The program is to help government settling issues about illegal immigrants and foreign workers in Malaysia.

The 6P stands for:


Resource countries permitted to register the program are:

1. Indonesia

2. India

3. Bangladesh

4. Nepal

5. Vietnam

6. Myanmar

7. Thailand

8. Cambodia

9. Laos

10. Phillipine (Men only)

11. Pakistan

12. Srilanka

13. Turksmenistan

14. Uzbekistan

15. Kazastan

All sectors are open (e.g. Plantation, Manufacture, Service, and etc)

The program start from 11 July 2011 to 11 August 2011.

To find out more about the program please contacts Ms. Azliana 0192221164 or Ms. Debby 0193049311